Congregations, judicatories, and staff teams learn and develop during important organizational transitions.

A transition is one of those rare opportunities for groups and organizations to take a step back to learn more about themselves.  They make want to make some important changes, large or small. 

A facilitated process to take advantage of this rare opportunity leads to growth and a renewed sense of purpose and direction.  Some examples of transitions…

• The time between pastors for a congregation
• Preparing to add a new staff team member
• Searching for a denominational leader or executive

Some organizations and congregations take the approach of simply filling out the paperwork.  An effective process goes much deeper than that, and any “paperwork” is simply one of the many outcomes of the process.  Other outcomes may include:

• New goals
• Mission or vision statement
• Restructuring
• Increased involvement
• Clearer roles and expectations

Congregational search committees are sometimes unclear about how to go about interviewing candidates effectively.  A training session that produces excellent interviewing can make a huge difference in the final result.