Clergy and judicatory leaders gain skill and expertise in that one area where there is usually high expectation and minimal training: organizational leadership.

Religious leaders need a resource for engaging their organization in the changes necessary for growth.  Rarely is this resource offered in a seminary education, yet congregations expect a high degree of leadership and management skill in their professional staff.

Reflecting together on these topics greatly enhances personal satisfaction and congregational vitality:

• Identifying one’s preferred leadership style
• Gaining expertise in organizational management
• Working with resistance
• Human Resource working knowledge
• Leadership training for others
• Moving a congregation or institution in a new direction

We tailor our approach to the specific needs of each individual and organization.  There is no set curriculum.  Our coaching takes the form of consultation, working at the intersection of the personal and professional.

There are limited opportunities for small group sessions, as well as individual sessions.  All involve a minimum commitment of one year, usually meeting once a month.